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I'm a 20-something from Georgia who has a precious baby boy and a handsome husband! I love my Jesus and all things that make the South what it is! I'm a 2nd grade teacher and feel like a lucky girl to get to spend my days with awesome 7 and 8 year olds!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Hustle and Bustle

In this transistioning phase, I have discovered a few truths... I awoke this morning with the urgency to share. It's easy to complain that I spend my days completely overwhelmed meeting the needs of 24 diverse learners with little support. It's easy to complain that after working so hard all day, I come home to be a mommy to a busy little boy who wants 100% of my attention. It's easy to moan and groan that after ALL of that I still have to cook and clean and be a good wife. ;)
But then, on days like today, I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am! Teaching is a life-style- not a job. It is demanding all day and many nights, but I know many women would kill for the position I have. In these tough economics times, there are awesome teachers with no classroom, no students, and no postive outlook for a potential job in the near future. I AM BLESSED! I have a job and it's a good one. I have 24 students who need me, but more than that, they love me. Their momma's tell me so and I am awestruck each time I hear it. These children are a big part of my whole world. 
After getting all 24 on the right bus, right van, right car, etc, I come home to MY baby. How blessed I am to say that! Momma is a job so many women long for and have bleak hope for that. I was told I would never have a baby without medical intervention. I live to tell GOD IS GOOD! He has reigned in my life. GAB is the most precious miracle! So, when I want to complain that I can't take a nice hot bath in peace and quiet, I am reminded of those sleepless nights and the endless tears I cried for this baby. Again I say, I am blessed! As I rock my blessing, who is incredibly adorable and oober friendly ...see.... 
I praise God for entrusting me with this precious little life! Who do I deserve such favor? Why do I get to be the one who is so blessed? PRAISE GOD! I am forever grateful for the blessing!
But before I end, I have to touch on the last of my complaints. Being a wife. I have battled recently with juggling these titles, but again, I am reminded I am married to a man that loves me for me. No matter the stress, the added weight (ugh), the raging hormones, whatever...he still loves me! He values my opinon and respects me as a woman. Most of all, he says he can't wait to grow old with me. He's in forever! He's committed and God-fearing. Again I say, I am blessed! Thank you Lord for all that you are and all that you do.
Your love is SO amazing!