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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Tasty Take on Snack Time

I think you all have figured out that I LOVE linky parties! I feel like it is a great way to "meet" new people and gather new strategies and ideas to implement in my classroom or share ideas for YOU to implement if you like! Soooooo, today I've joined a linky party hosted by Mrs. Bainbridge's Class. She has posed this topic:

How do you create an efficient snack time in your classroom so that you aren't using too much time up, but still making sure tummies are full so kids can learn?
Do you send a snack calendar or do kids bring their own snack each day?
What do you do during snack time?  Do you instruct?  Do you read?  Do you just let kids have that few minutes to socialize?

And I say....
Well, I've done it a variety of ways. I have utilized a snack calendar and also just allowed the students to bring their own snack if they were hungry. My conclusion is this: snack calendar is the bomb.com! I have only had a few occasions where a mom has forgotten or just chose not to participate, and in the event that occurs, we always have leftovers or I keep choices in my cabinet. I find that if the kids are responsible for individual snack, I spend more time breaking up arguments over trades, listening to "I'm hungry" or "I forgot and I NEED one" (haha)...etc. So, snack calendar it is! Each child is assigned a day to provide for all of their friends. We have snack during our "read down, cool down" right after our afternoon recess. This gives them the opportunity to cool off, go to the restroom, grab a few (hundred) sips of water and just all around regroup! I have tried having snack on the playground during recess- that didn't work. I have also attempted having it as a "chat" time and that was just all around mass chaos! Allowing them individual time works well in my room with a snack calendar!
Can't wait to read what everyone else does!

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Christina Bainbridge said...

Thank you so much for joining my linky party!

I like the idea of calling it "read down, cool down".

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