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I'm a 20-something from Georgia who has a precious baby boy and a handsome husband! I love my Jesus and all things that make the South what it is! I'm a 2nd grade teacher and feel like a lucky girl to get to spend my days with awesome 7 and 8 year olds!

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Friday, July 29, 2011


I have so much to say and yet all of my thoughts are jumbled in my exhausted brain. Pre-planning has begun and BOY! what a week! GAB started a new day care, which turned out to be an AWFUL disaster. Here's what I pictured:
Instead it was something more like this:
With a baby and 5 children thrown in the mix!

Okay, so I may exaggerate a little, but it was bad and that is that! GAB is staying home with a good friend whose good fortune and big heart couldn't have come at a better time. PTL for people you can rely on!

I'm also battling 4 impacted wisdom teeth. 1 of which is infected and keeping me awake at night. I saw an oral surgeon after an entire week of pain who said he could do the surgery immediately!!! Yayy, right? WRONG! There was a catch (like most everything) and he needed August's mortgage payment up-front to get me feeling great again. After I pulled myself off the floor from sobbing and acting like a 6 year old, I called my health insurance company who informed me they cover 100% of my surgery IF I choose a doctor in network. So, I had to think to myself for a moment...pay a few thousand dollars or change surgeons and pay cero dólares?? Hmmmm, better hit the yellow pages! 
Anyway, my room-classroom- needed a desperate overhaul. I had a hodge podge of random mismatched items with no real theme. Well, I have a theme now and I feel like my room is a great reflection of me. It's bright, bold, and fun! I chose polka dots as the theme and I think I acheived the look I was going for even on a budget. I certainly wish I had the means to just go nuts, but...that isn't the case. What I haven't accomplished between the hours of 8 and 5 in room 410, I've worked endlessly on here. At home. After GAB goes to bed. So, needless to say, I'm completely spent.(I will post pictures when the room is turn key!)

Today, I mentioned to a great friend (and colleague) that it took me almost 2 hours to format a semi-informative powerpoint for open house. This just seems ridiculous! It's not even that long. Is it that I'm getting old and slow? Maybe just too bogged in the brain. Maybe too many text boxes and shapes to format...ugh...either way. Here it is! Do you share this much "personal business" up front?

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