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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Little Late!

So, I committed to this "5 Days of Linky Partying" and then my life took over and I've missed a few days. I'm going to catch up today if it kills me! (Not really, of course.) Clutter-Free Classroom is the awesome host of this linky! The prompt that I'll be replying to is....
Today's writing assignment is: Personal Narrative
Complete this sentence, “Based on the illustrations alone, my favorite picture book is _________.” Use photos or additional sentences to support your choice.

I'm sure many, if not all of us, can think back to our childhood and books that were personal preferences and why. Fortunately for me, my family read to me on a daily basis. My Nana tells me how I soaked up every word and wanted to saturate in all of the illustrations of my favorites. Being that the prompt said, "based on pictures alone" I won't go into all of my favorites and talk just about my favorite BASED ON PICTURES! First, I must say, I read this story to my 2nd graders every year and tell them that this is my absolute favorite illustrator. I explain how I use to pretend I was the little boy in this book. The are all intrigued and want to know WHAT the main character does throughout the story. (Aren't you interested in what book captured me solely on pictures???) I think my students love the book before I ever read a word out of it, because it is a highly requested one after my personal experience. 
The book is called, Quick as a Cricket and it is written by Audrey Wood. (If you are not familiar with her works, get familiar! They are excellent books...yet...I digress!) Anyway, here are some of the illustrations from this book:
(Image source)

(Image source)
On these pages it says, "I'm as brave as a tiger. I'm as strong as an ox."
I love how the little boy is always posing with the animal described, and his behavior matches the animals behavior. In the story, the child visits many emotions. Happy, sad, brave, strong, small, big, wild, tame..etc. It is a great book for children in teaching self-awareness. By far, these images captured my interest and my heart.

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