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Friday, July 22, 2011

More Linky!

Clutter-Free Classroom has sucked me into this (very addicting) linky party! It is so much fun to "spill" on a pre-determined topic. I am enjoying visiting childhood memories, summer memories, favorite books, and today my favorite author! Link up and make some new friends!
The next writing prompt I will respond to is:

Open Response
Respond to this prompt in a complete sentence. Who is your favorite children’s author? Add details to support your answer.
I know this may seem a bit strange, but I teach second grade so it's allowed! My favorite author is.....
Image source
Any of you that are early elementary teachers are sure to know who she is. Of course, she's the author of all of those hilarious books that begin with the title, Junie B. Jones. She is the brilliant mastermind behind the 5-7 year old little girl who is confident, charming, and sometimes a little on the naughty side. I, as an adult, enjoy reading her books because I read them aloud to my children and I can be as animated as I assume Barbara Park intended Junie B. Jones to be in the story. Just for fun, I'm going to show my favorite Junie B. Jones book cover. :0)
Image source

I, of course, highly recommend (child or adult) go out and get this book! My students love it year, after year!

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