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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Okay, so we'll just go ahead and put it on the table that I'm venting. Totally...completely....100 percent venting. The last two days have made me question WHY on EARTH do I sign up to be treated poorly? Why am I not courageous enough to quit? Do I have that little faith that God will provide? I don't know. I don't care to know, really. What concerns me most right now is my family. I thought one of the reasons I selected "educator" as my profession of choice was because it was such an awesome way to be a mommy and yet impact the future. Apparently, I was wrong. Our PTSO is hosting a Family Fall Festival that is open to the public on the same day that just so HAPPENED to be re-scheduled to my baby's FIRST birthday. Yes, first as in he will be turning 1. HUGE! This is a milestone in child rearing. It is well planned, well thought out, and of course, takes lots of time and money because it is completely about celebrating our precious gift and HIS special day. Our family doesn't live all in the same town, so we have people traveling and it is a big to do with my family and closest friends. Well, like all other PTSO sponsored events, we are strongly encouraged to volunteer our time. (Let me just insert I am a DO-ER. I feel I give more time, money, and resources to this profession than necessary majority of the time.) I always volunteer to assist with these fundrasing events after working lllllooooonnnngggg days teaching 2nd grade. I am not a complainer and in fact, am always willing to go above and beyond to see to it that they are never left short staffed. So, this fall festival interferes with my child's party. We were given 3 reasons we would be permitted to miss. Yes, 3. Would you like to hear them? Here goes: 1. Death in immediate family 2. Hospitalization and 3. College class. No other excuses would be approved for absence. REALLY? Well, first birthday is none of these. I, being the do-gooder I am, made a point to send a sweet email simply stating the predicament I am incurring. Having family in town and all, I will not be able to attend. I am so sorry, I will need to sit this ONE instance out. Do you think that was acceptable? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Not only was it not approved, I was talked to like a dog instead of an educated woman, and I was told to RE-SCHEDULE my child's party. REALLY? One week from the date? I think not! Regardless, that is not an option. So, I am now being bullied into a "compromise" of
A) working before the event ON SEPTEMBER 24th setting up or B) working after the event on SEPTEMEBER 24th cleaning up and breaking down. That is not a compromise! A compromise would be working a few shifts at another fundraiser. What makes this whole thing even worse, I'm being forced. I was told a substitue i.e., a teacher with freetime cannot pull my shift. I HAVE TO WORK. So, being the do-gooder I am, I agreed to work at 6:45 until 9 only to find out that there are MANY teachers who won't be working at all because there are no other slots that need to be filled. Isn't that conveinant? I'm told to reschedule my child's party, and other's are free to do as they like because "oh! The sign up sheet is ALL full!" I am beside myself. This is not over! I will be persuing this to the fullest. 1. I am not a dog, animal, or a child and 2. I should have some sort of educator rights! This is not a dictatorship last I checked. VERY, VERY insanely frustrated!  Sad part...this isn't the first incident and as long as I stick around, it won't be the last.


Mrs. Morris said...

I am so sorry. It is horrible to be taken for granted. Especially when you give 110%, 98% of the the time. You are a wonderful teacher, I am sure. I hope God blesses you through this situation.

Tanya said...

Ooohhh boy! Does your union have a position on this?? Being forced to work at a fundraiser is a huge issue. My union would be all over this!
Good luck to you and your little one turning one.

☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Beth {Shug in Boots} said...

What the deuce? The full sign up sheet part realllllllly takes the cake! So thankful I work for an understanding principal. This is ludicrous! Teachers are so under appreciated and this is just over the top. Sickening.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Jessica said...

First I wanna say, I did NOT know you blog. How fun! I'm a blogger hoe! Love it!

Second, I'm sad that this happened to you! :( What was the outcome?

Lindsey said...

Hey ladies!

Life has been so hectic that I have barely had time to moderate your comments, let alone reply. I'm really sorry about that! Good news...I went to our PAGE attorneys (here in GA there is no union. We pay to be in a professional organization to protect us...) Anywho, I went to them and voiced my predicament to which I was told that he WOULD compromise or we would litigate this and force him into a compromise. Fortunately for me, he gave into my constant baggering. I have had the assitance of a great veteran teacher who fought WITH me. It was just splendid feeling like I'd won! Thanks for caring enough to comment!