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I'm a 20-something from Georgia who has a precious baby boy and a handsome husband! I love my Jesus and all things that make the South what it is! I'm a 2nd grade teacher and feel like a lucky girl to get to spend my days with awesome 7 and 8 year olds!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heaven is For Real

Have you ever heard of it? BEST. BOOK. EVER. All I can say is I have read a many a books and this one is the only one (so far) that reached blog-worthy status. Recently, a very sweet, generous family in our community faced immense tragedy. In a terrible car accident, 2 of their 4 young children were killed along with their sweet grandmother. Talk about shaking a community...whoa. Anyway, the children attended the same private school my younger brother attends, my cousins teach, and one of my cousins is the assistant administrator. Needless to say, it was close to home. My cousin, Misty, and I were discussing the loss this family must be feeling and how only God can comfort them.
I sobbed for this mother because I cannot fathom how she most feel today, yesterday, and on October 21st. Heartbroken? Empty? Anyway, much prayers for this family is appreciated. I digress....Misty, a strong christian woman that I look up to, suggested I read this book.

She told me it would be tearful at parts and at others I'd be laughing. She was right! Misty is a mother to two precious boys herself. She said she read it to her boys and her husband while traveling this summer. She told me how her youngest child, he's 6, asked at one part if his dad could take over because mom just keeps on cryin'!
Anyway, I highly recommend this book. I have fallen in love with little Colten and I obviously know nothing about him...other than this story of course.It makes me ready to meet Jesus and stare into his beautiful eyes. I will say, reading this book revolutionized my daily walk. I don't fear death.
"For to me to live is Christ, but to die is gain." Phillipans 1:21



Tara said...

I couldn't agree more. I actually saw an interview ( a while ago) on the Today show with Colton and my husband got me the book. Such a good book. We lost our firstborn daughter and although I knew we would see her again in Heaven, this book gave me a peace filled reminder.

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Lindsey said...

Tara, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. It must be reassuring to know that she's waiting for YOU! What a day of celebrating that will be! I haven't ever lost a child, but my father passed away when I was a little girl. I look forward to "catching up." I am definitely at peace with death now moreso than ever.

Molly said...

I bought this for my dad last fathers day. He read it in one day and then basically quoted the entire book to me. I cried just from him telling me about it. How great is OUR God?!!!