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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Have you ever wondered why something happens? Why me? Why now? What have I done to deserve this??? I find myself very often asking these questions. Sometimes in good situations and sometimes in not so great situations. Most recently, our very good friends invited us on a cruise. We had SUCH a blast. I found myself asking WHY am I the recipent of this awesome friendship? Why am I so blessed? On the other side of that, I feel I have lost a friend I thought I'd never lose. No matter what, I just knew SHE would never be anywhere but the absolute closest, nearest to my heart, dearest best friend EVER. Wrong. Can I just insert I have lost a lot of tears over this. But.... I find that God has a funny way of bringing things to my mindseye. I was completely bummed when she gave birth to her first baby and I wasn't contacted to come for a visit and when I offered to bring food I was brushed off- completely. Then, at 10 o'clock on Saturday night, I found myself listening to Dr. Charles Stanley explain how and WHY God allows people to come into our lives and leave. There's a season for them. Listening to him made me feel much better about the friendship I've lost for no apparent reason. I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends. Friends who want what I want in life, love, and their family. This one particular friend and I are polar opposites at this point in life. How does this happen? Really? Regardless, I find that in soul searching persay and in "why"ing God, I have found some particularly great pick me ups. I am reading Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson. (Complete pick me up. Another reminder of how incredibly blessed I am to be mommy to the most amazing little boy EVER!) I also love music! Jesus Culture and Hillsong have gotten me through many "why" questions. I am reminded daily, no matter how bad my situation may seem while I'm in it, God sees it all. Every season may bring pure joy, but HE has my world in his hands. Thank you, Lord for leading and directing my path. Thank you for placing those that you do into my path and I'm going to praise you for removing those that you do even if it doesn't make sense at the time. 

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."Romans 8:28


Jessica Drew ♥ Stilettos & a fishing pole said...

I completely connected with this post. I too, have lost a friendship with a person I {never} thought would. I would have bet my life on it, sadly I still struggle with it... a lot. I ask why, a lot. I wonder how she feels because it tears me up inside.
Then again, I have some amazing people in my life & I often realize how grateful I should be. Since our friendship disappeared, I've gained several extremely close friendships & I've noticed I have no worries or questions about those friendships, when for years even being as close as this girl and I were, there was always some kind of 'walking on egg shells' when it came to me & other friendships. I find that maybe GOD took that from me and replaced it with the true.

Keep your head up. I do believe I know who you are talking about, maybe, kind of, sorta? - but time heals all wounds. You and I will conquer this. ONE DAY - I seriously hands down believe, one day she will need you and you'll probably be there but much stronger.

Stay the person you are. Don't hate from this, only love. Don't learn to grow hate, grow more love.

Easier said than done. This is where I am at, I'm trying to learn to be okay with it and LOVE more.

PS - I have ALWAYS remembered you as the most 'happy-go-lucky' person, full of life & smiles - Never let anyone take that from you.

Lindsey said...

I just love you to pieces! You make me feel so good! You absolutely know who this is. The way described your "egg-shell" friendship, is the exact way ours has been for years. I just felt a renewed sense of our friendship because she was bringing a precious baby boy into the world just 13 months after me. THAT IS INCREDIBLY CLOSE!

Anyway, I'm learning to love MORE from this. One of those better friendships that I've gained in the heartbreak of it all, told me I never want to be a doormat. I allowed myself to be a doormat because I couldn't let go. Well... DONE!

I have seen there are true friends that are vested in me. Just like you and your closest. Isn't it awesome to know that you may have lost one (unhealthy) relationship and gained quite a few thriving TRUE friendships? I find such joy in knowing that!

Anyway, thansk for your comment! You're so sweet, Jess!

Amber said...

I feel your pain sweet girl! I am the first of all my friends to have children and my relationships have grown distant with most of my so-called friends. However, on this new journey in my life God has blessed me beyond wonders with replacements. I am a firm believer that God allows people to come into our lives for a season sometimes - even if to bring joy and closeness with that person for just a little while.