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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

OR NOT! Last night, I was watching The Bachelor thinking to myself, "I am SO glad I didn't have to compete to get my husband." Some of these girls are complete basket cases over a STRANGER....okay, so he does SEEM incredibly sweet, however, a-hum, he is a man! He is going to swoon you and the next  Blakely "fast" girl makes a move, he's going to pounce. Evident in last night's show....

Okay, so I mentioned in my last Bachelor post who my picks were...if you need a refresher....click here.
I am still team Kacie B. ALL. THE. WAY. Last night they had a special one on one date. I felt like there was chemistry and my friend {also an obsessed fan} agreed.

Of course, she got a rose! Is Kacie Boguskie Falling In Love With Ben Flajnik Too Quickly? Tell Us!Isn't she just darlin'???

I also really like Courtney...don't ask me why. She is the complete, polar, total, absolute opposite of Kacie B. She's kinda rogue. Mean girl, in your face, etc.
Ben really digs though....
They, too, shared a romantic one-on-one date and chemistry was also quite natural.
So much so, that being a Kacie fan, it made me a teeny bit sad.
Do You Think Bachelor 16’s Courtney Robertson Is REALLY Into Ben Flajnik?

On another note, I'm pleased to announce.....Alfred Hitchcock's CRAZY, stalker type, JENNA...
Do You Feel Sorry For Jenna Burke? —  The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2 Poll was eliminated! HALLELUJAH!!!! She was awful to watch. {The blogger from New York...} YIKES!

Now, I am itching to see this girl go bye-bye next....
Were Ben Flajnik’s Bachelorettes Too Harsh on Sexy Blakeley Shea in Season 16, Episode 2?
Meet Blakely!{Yes, this is how she looked almost the entire show.} She uses her "goods" to get what she wants....strong distaste for her....I most hated that she moaned while she was kissing Ben....really? All that was necessary? DOUBTFUL!

Until next time....

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